I am New Zealand based Programmer with a real passion for Game Development. The joy of having someone play and have fun playing a game I made leaves a real satisfying feeling. The road to discovering new ways of making games has been tough; but the fun is among creating something bigger and better than before.


The Development Project

My first biggest game created was a Half-Life 2 remake named ‘The Development Project’. Years of production lead me to learn various areas of Game Development (Programming, 3D Modelling, texturing… etc). Although the project got a supportive community it was evidently cancelled and all content released as I moved onto other projects.






After years of studying at Victoria University it managed to give me a greater perspective of how to code programs and games in a cleaner fashion. This of course lead to more projects and evidently to the birth of jamesgames.nz.


Feel free to message me at james@jamesgames.nz if you have any questions as I love hearing from people!